Sylvia Trench is a fictional character in two James Bond films, portrayed by Eunice Gayson. In the first of Sean Connery's outings as British secret agent 007, Dr. No, he meets Trench from across a Baccarat Chemin de Fer table at the London club Le Cercle. Her love of games of chance comes to the fore when she later appears in his apartment, playing golf while wearing only his shirt.

Her second appearance is in From Russia with Love where she picnics with James Bond before he is paged by Miss Moneypenny, thus making Trench one of the few Bond girls to appear in two James Bond films. Originally, Trench was to be a recurring character in the films, with the running gag of Bond being called away just as things were becoming interesting, but the idea was scrapped from Goldfinger.

Trench invented Bond's iconic catchphrase; at the Chemin table, when Bond asks her name, she replies: "Trench, Sylvia Trench", and then asks Bond his; he replies in the now-familiar style, "Bond, James Bond", mimicking Trench's own cadence.


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